About Us

Friandise was created as a need to solidify special moments into an eternal memory that’s like a time capsule which stays in one’s heart and mind for years and generations to come.
When we opened our company, there were already so many others businesses selling chocolates and gifts, but ours is different because it’s art both aesthetically and in taste.
At Friandise we make decadent Belgian chocolates by hand especially for your loved one, but we don’t stop there. Watches Cheap
We have artists on our team who design the box of chocolate too, also by hand. And we put more than just your name on it. These intricate designs and decorations are a show stopper. These boxes are made to be loved and treasured for years to come. We pay very high attention to detail and ensure that every chisel and carving is remarkable. .

First impression matters, even when it comes to gifts and at Friandise we ensure that love at first sight between your loved one and the gift you give them. We are revolutionizing the art of gift giving by eliminating the mass production and embracing the joy of making what we love with our skillful hands for you and yours to enjoy. Watch makers
We treasure you, so needless to say that your satisfaction is our top priority. We will go many extra miles to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Whatever your event is, and even if its tomorrow, please get in touch with us. fake bovet watches

We will love to help!

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